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Join in the fight against ovarian cancer!

Kicking for the Dream brings together kickers, punters, and long snappers who believe they can make a difference in the lives of those affected by ovarian cancer. Supported by current and former NFL kickers and punters, this is the country's only fundraiser that brings specialist together from all over the country, from high school to the pros, to make a difference in the fight against ovarian cancer. Last year, Kicking For The Dream raised over $40,000 and all of it went directly to Colleen's Dream Foundation's efforts to support young investigators performing cutting-edge research for early detection and improved treatment of ovarian cancer.

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Join this group of kicking specialists who are beating cancer one kick at a time. Click the 'Create a Fundraising Page' to the right and get to work. Your efforts will raise awareness and funds for Colleen's Dream Foundation.

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Find an individual or team by searching the 'Fundraisers' or 'Teams' tabs to the right or perform a search if you know the individual's or team's name.

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Recent Donations

Name Amount Comment
Ray & Georgia Beichler $25.00
Barry & Lori Welch $100.00 Wishing you a successful season, Go Caleb! What a great idea for a great cause. . .
Cornish Family $50.00 Great cause!
Nancy Nasca $20.00
Dave & Jen Pfister $25.00
Anonymous Donor $50.00
Mike & Kyle Mike & Kyle $25.00 Wishing you great success Nick!
Tony Fiore $100.00
Gene Mikulka $10.00
Between the Notes, LLC Peace of Cloth $180.00
Dr. Barbara Ripel and Jeremy Wilhelm $100.00
Jorge and Jesenia Dejesus $5.00
Randj and Moshe Bezalel $20.00
FDNY Boxing, INC $100.00
William and Jodi May $25.00
Gary Caparelli $50.00
Anonymous Donor $100.00 Here's wishing you the happiest of birthdays!
Stacy Beveridge $20.00
Kelly Mead $25.00
Keri Cheifetz $10.00 FU Cancer
Will & Ann Will & Ann $100.00
Jack and Errett Schmid $100.00
Ruth Schmid $100.00
Brad Bailey $50.00 Good luck this year! I hope to be able to help significantly through your association and efforts.
Julie Cummings $25.00
Lily Wellness, Inc. $100.00
Amy Pennock $50.00
Mel & Arlene Mel & Arlene $50.00
Robert Beeson $100.00
Shirley Reese $25.00 Let's reach Brady's goal!!!
Victoria & Eddie Victoria & Eddie $25.00 Good Luck with your endeavor!
Michael Golding $25.00 Go Nick !!!
Lisa D'Angelo $25.00
Carmelina Giordano $20.00
Jennifer DeArce $25.00 Good luck Nick!!
Christine Alvarez $25.00 Way to go Nick!
Danielle McMahon $100.00
Gabrina Annunziata $25.00
Kim and William Mensche $50.00 We are so proud of you, Nick!!
Francine Carroll $50.00
Ali and Kenny Gilbertson (and Baby G) $25.00 Keep up the hard work!
Cathey & Doyl Cathey & Doyl $25.00
Andreya & John Andreya & John $25.00
Darin Svenelid $25.00 Good Luck!
Carolyn Penna $25.00 Go get 'em, Nick!!
Marie and Ken Gilbertson $25.00
Tracey Herrlich $20.00 Good luck, Nick! From the Herrlich's!
Sharon Romano $50.00
Terry Jackie $50.00 We are very proud of you Nick. You have grown into a very responsible and caring young man. We wish you the best in your future quest endeavors! PS What Rob said too!!!!
Robert Presuto $50.00 Your Grandfather Nick would have been so proud of you Nick - not to say that he doesn't see you and feel proud at this very moment.
Colleen's Dream Foundation
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