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Join in the fight against ovarian cancer!

Colleen's Dream Foundation's signature fall fundraiser, Kicking for the Dream, brings together kickers, punters, and long snappers who believe they can make a difference in the lives of those affected by ovarian cancer. Supported by current and former NFL kickers and punters, this is the country's only fundraiser that brings specialist together from all over the country, from high school to the pros, to make a difference in the fight against ovarian cancer. Last year, Kicking For The Dream raised over $40,000 and enabled Colleen's Dream Foundation to provide support to young investigators performing cutting-edge research for early detection and improved treatment of ovarian cancer.

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Join this group of kicking specialists who are beating cancer one kick at a time. Click the 'Create a Fundraising Page' to the right and get to work. Your efforts will raise awareness and funds for Colleen's Dream Foundation.

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Recent Donations

Name Amount Comment
Anonymous Donor $100.00 God Bless Billy!!!
Ryan Quigley $1150.00
C & C Ranches $500.00 I lost my sister & partner 3 years ago. My brother & I were proud to participate in Kicking For The Dream 2014. In memory of Carolyn Cottrell Willits. Cynthia Cottrell Rees, Scott & Brent Willits - Partners, C & C Ranches
Denise Lobodinksi $6000.00
Toyo Tires $1100.00 Proud to support Nick and Kicking For The Dream!
Kathleen and Daniel Wolfram $100.00
Jeanine and George Flint $500.00
San Diego Chargers Community Fund $1500.00 Proud to support Nick Novak and all his efforts in the community.
Nick Novak $3000.00 Proud to support Kicking For The Dream
Denise Lobodinski $80.00 Donations from Courtney Steele, Cindy Williams Teston and Cindy Pettit
Patricia Rainey $100.00 I'm a 3-year survivor (so far) and I thank you for your involvement.
Lenore Berman $100.00
Ryan Quigley $650.00 13 punts inside the 20 to finish the season
Nicole and Billy Cundiff $4400.00 We proudly support Kicking For The Dream!
Spencer Lanning $1000.00 10 punts inside the 20 to finish the season
Roosevelt UFSD Teal and Denim Day $85.00 Ms. Jooseten, Ms. Purisic, Ms. Negron, Mr. Tsinnis, Ms. Schecter, Ms. Hudson, Ms. McKay, Ms. Tepper, Ms. Chaimi, Ms. Finch, Ms. Johnson, Mrs. Coleinan, Ms. Muhammed, Ms. Gentili, Techeira, Mrs. Ferris
Bob & Lori Radecki $100.00 Keep up the good work Brady
Victoria Chastain $50.00
Margaret Barfield $50.00
Pemberton and Lucy Cooley $50.00
Susan Raper Company $50.00
Judith Williams $100.00
James and Gayle Tallman $50.00
Dot Dunaway $100.00
Patricia Garrett $50.00
Denise Lobodinski $100.00
John and Karen Edwards $40.00
Elizabeth King $100.00
Denise Lobodinski $200.00
Ronnie Lee $610.00
Jane & Kevin Bjork $80.00 We were happy to support you Grant !! Impressed you did this... way to go!!
Chandler & Anjie Cayot $400.00 So proud of your efforts this year!!
Steven Moulds $50.00
Ron and Kathy Lutes $70.00 Nice going "little nephew"!!!
Leslie Mowery $50.00 You're an earthly angel, Denise.
Tim and LuAnn Barrett $100.00
Steve Kenkel $100.00
Joe and Renee Lauterbach $100.00 Hope soccer goes well this spring and HCHS football returns to form next fall with you kicking the game winner in the State finals!
Bob and Barbara Cassin $53.00 In Memory of Teresa Cassin (taken way too soon at age 53 by Ovarian Cancer)
Jeffrey and Karen Smith $50.00 Ethan, we're hoping to see you in the play-offs next year.
Jenna Hucka $35.00
gregg olah $50.00
Betty Brody $50.00
Betsy Raffeto $100.00
Gail Wade $50.00
Karen Edwards $50.00
John & Sherrie Lee $250.00
Chris Kern $25.00
Kevin & Lori Bayne $100.00
Virginia Bubke $50.00
Colleen's Dream Foundation
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